Where Intelligence Shines


What is Mensa?

Mensa, the international high IQ society, has three stated purposes:

  • to identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity
  • to encourage research in the nature, characteristics, and uses of intelligence
  • to promote stimulating, intellectual, and social opportunities for its members

With more than 50,000 members, American Mensa is the largest national Mensa operating under the auspices of Mensa International, Ltd. There are currently more than 100,000 members worldwide, and an estimated six million Americans are eligible for Mensa membership.

Members of American Mensa range in age from 2 to 102. They include engineers, homemakers, teachers, actors, athletes, students and CEOs, and they share only one trait — high intelligence. To qualify for Mensa, they scored in the top 2 percent of the general population on an accepted standardized intelligence test.

As a member, you have the opportunity to meet other smart people at local, regional and national levels. You can attend entertaining, intellectually stimulating events and exchange ideas with others through a variety of publications and our online Community. You can also work to help others in your community by volunteering for community-oriented activities and working with the Mensa Foundation. And you can take advantage of our variety of member benefits and services.

San Diego Mensa

San Diego Mensa is the San Diego chapter of American Mensa, with close to 800 local members.

Why Join Mensa?

Do you have a lust for board and tabletop games that some find boggling? Did you smile at the previous pun? Have you had that killer joke about Newton, Pascal, and Einstein playing hide and seek in your back pocket for years just waiting for an audience that would appreciate it? If you can see where this is going then you might want to consider joining and you might already be qualified. There are loads of benefits and plenty of unique opportunities. You owe it to yourself to at least consider it!

Dealing with the current worldwide pandemic – COVID-19

San Diego Mensa cares about our members and their families.
Our hearts and thoughts go out to all that have been affected by this unprecedented event.
Please know that we are vigilantly monitoring the evolving situation with COVID-19, from the Center for Disease Control and the Local and State governments.
The safety of our members and their families is highest in our priority.

In recent months, we slowly began to have in-person events, but not all of our pre-pandemic activities are live. Please check the online calendar or your most recent edition of the MENSAN for updates.

Our Local Chapter and Events

As a local group of American Mensa, San Diego Mensa includes all of San Diego County and Imperial County, most of Riverside County, and part of San Bernardino County. This chapter is officially known as Region 09, Group 920.

We have regular, recurring events for all interests: board games, trivia, museum nights, poker tournaments, biking, food & drink, and more. If we don’t already do it, you’re bound to find people that will help you set something up!

As a new or existing member, make sure you head over to one of the newcomer’s events so you can get your feet wet or help new members get involved.