San Diego uRGe Committee
Contact the RG Chair if you would like to help at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Speaker Recruiters – We need speakers!  While traditionally the “Speaker Chair” has coordinated most of these activities and been our primary “speaker getter”, ALL members of the committee are invited to suggest names and make contact with people who might be good speakers for the event. 
Speaker Shepherds – During the RG, we have volunteers who have a specific schedule of speakers that they will greet at the Registration table; take to their program room; verify that A/V equipment is set-up appropriately (or alert the A/V Chair immediately for a problem!) provide an introduction.
A/V Coordinator – Many of our speakers use power point, over head projectors, LCD projectors, different speakers, white boards, flip charts, etc…  The job of the A/V coordinator is to make sure that runs smoothly.
We provide food and beverages around the clock, including enough substantial food to constitute meals at meal times, as part of the event. Beverages include non-alcoholic soda, coffee, tea, water, and other assorted options (sometimes Snapple or fruit juices) in Hospitality, as well as beer and wine.  While the Hospitality Chair, creates the plan and buy lists, there is a need for additional people for working during the event to help replenish food, set-out more food, clean-up the area in Hospitality, make coffee, coordinate the meal-time volunteers, replenish ice, snacks, and sometimes do food runs to the store.
This can be a great job if you like to chat with others, but you will not see a lot of programs.  You should also be available Thursday evening and all day Friday if possible. Monday clean-up is also very important.
There is a lot of work before the RG in collecting registrations, preparing the badges, and reporting on the registration numbers in the lead up to the RG. However, this job involves spending most of the RG at the Registration Table.  The Registrar, definitely needs some Registration Assistants who will be responsible for assisting her at the Registration table during rush times and taking shifts during the RG so that people can take breaks and are not tied to the table for the whole event.
Program Scheduler – Plans and arranges all programs, games, tournaments, entertainment, meals, special events, etc… into the master schedule.  Lots of contact and follow-up with speakers to verify appropriate time and availability of different AV depending on program and rooms.
Printed Program –This person takes the information from the Scheduler and creates the printed program that we distribute to the attendees.
Photographer – We have an official committee member who takes pictures during the event so we can upload them later and publish them in the newsletter.
Games – We have a Game Room at the RG. The Game Coordinator basically watches the room, encourages people to play, will often teach games to people who are not familiar, and is otherwise available to help play the games when more people are needed.
Entertainment Coordinator – This person will try to arrange for entertainment during the RG. Usually something associated with Saturday or Sunday night – but can be during the event as a regular “program” spot.
Marketing – There are so many things that happen as part of this effort that more than one person may be required.  We need “blurbs” that we can use to “blast” the members via e-mail, articles for the newsletter, cover art and other sorts of visuals to use for the San Diego MENSAN, other handouts and flyers, contacts to other chapters, etc…