So…What’s an RG???

In truth, a Mensa Gathering is something that is hard to explain, fun to enjoy, hard work to put on, but an experience most never forget and something most keep coming back for. You will hear people talk about RG’s, AG’s, WG’s, and they will sometimes talk about “Weem”, “Snowball”, and a variety of other specific “events”…but they are all “Gatherings”.
Gatherings take place over a weekend, sometimes a holiday weekend allowing it to extend an extra day.  There are programs with speakers (usually multiple tracks), rooms for unstructured gaming, a Hospitality Room (or rooms!) that provide comfortable places for meeting and “hanging out” with lots of access to food and beverages.  There will often be entertainment and sometimes “special events” are incorporated into the program – like awards or special celebrations – and tournaments.  Most importantly – there are Mensans! 
     These are big parties, and they are intended to be that way!  The goal is to bring as many Mensans together as practical and just let the fun roll on.
An “RG” is a Regional Gathering.  The name is somewhat misleading, because it is an event put on by a local chapter.  However, as Mensans in the surrounding chapters often attend the Gathering, the name still fits.  There are usually between 100 – 200 people at the RG’s.  The big exception is WeeM, which is the long running Chicago chapter’s RG that takes place during Halloween.  There are approximately 500 – 600 people who attend WeeM. There are RG’s every month around the country.
 The “AG” is the Annual Gathering for American Mensa.  The AG has about 2000 people in attendance and is always held around the Fourth of July. 2017 will be in Hollywood Florida, 2018 in Indianapolis, and 2019 in Phoenix. There are World Gatherings, European Gatherings, and other national Mensa groups host their own – like Mensa Canada.
The San Diego RG, the San Diego uRGe, is held over the Memorial Day Weekend and runs from Friday at 3:00 – Monday noon.  We have anywhere from 80 to 150 people, This year we will be in Palm Springs - San Diego uRGe “Midnight at the Oasis”  will be May 26-29, 2017!